Wagner Wedding Video

Wagner Wedding on 7/15/17 at Craven Farm in Snohomish, Wa

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"It makes me want to cry thinking about it. Literally, I'm probably going to cry. It was awesome. It was so cool to see it. It just highlighted the joy and the love that we have for each other. And to see everybody so happy during it, it was badass. It was so great. And to have the family pictures in it as well it brings it to life. "

A fair majority of us have been stood up before—whether it’s for drinks, a date, or a ride from the airport. It’s a fact of life that thing’s don’t always pan out. People get busy, emergencies arise, or maybe they just don’t like you. But standing up your fiance at the wedding is a different story--we have a 100% track record with our weddings, knock on wood--as it is a horrendous deed, though it has inspired both comedic and heartbreaking material for movies and television. Call it superstition, or just general courtesy, but it’s probably not the best idea to joke about it to a man on the verge of getting married.

And that’s just how the Wagner’s wedding day started—with the best man humorously teasing the groom about his potential “Runaway Bride.” If you’ve been reading our articles, this one last appeared in the Best Bridal Parties list, which discussed that sometimes you do need a friend to cut the tension if stresses are high. Friends should be there to tease you, make you chuckle, even if—deep down—your heart is fluttering. We don’t encourage this sort of tomfoolery on your wedding day, but sometimes it works.

The Wagner wedding, held at the lovely Craven Farm out in Snohomish, was a splendidly sunny day for an outdoor ceremony. After a morning of getting primped and primed for the big wedding, Derek—with tears in his eyes—went to meet Jacquie for their first look. Turning around, the color rushes to his face as his face lights up with a million-dollar smile. Across the homey estate, the two posed for some incredibly adorable photos, smiling like two high schoolers ready for their first date. The day could not have been better for the lighting in the photos and videos, with the sun blasting its light across the farm for a warm and inviting day of fun in the sun.

Lilac was the color of choice for the groomsmen’s ties and the bridesmaid’s dresses as the entire party gathered for a grand photoshoot including a hand-tunnel, some football huddles and plenty of beaming teeth. Heading over to the ceremony, with officiant Ray Van Winkle guiding the way for the bride and groom to become one. Emerging from a barn door in epic fashion, Jacquie made her way down the aisle to be greeted by the love of her life. Soon after, the two kissed and were officially married.

After a wave of applause, the documents were signed and the two retreated away until it was time for the cake cutting and dancing. Inside the long barn, with links twinkling above like a thousand stars, the summer day wore on into twilight with everyone getting off their feet for drinking and partying. Later on, the bride and groom snuck away for some golden hour photoshoots with the sun setting far off in the distance behind them. It was absolutely stunning.

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– Scott Johnson

Venue – Craven Farm

Photographer – Megan Montalvo

Officiant - Chaplain Dale Weddings

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