Tsoulouhas Wedding Video

Tsoulouhas Wedding on 8/19/17 at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Seattle, Wa

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Partway through the blistering, smokey month of August we made our way once again to the gorgeous St. Demetrios Orthodox Church for the Tsoulouhas Wedding. With clear skies, nary a few stray clouds and smoke plumes that billowed in from the wildfires, the sky was as blue as the waters of Mykonos. At once the “oldest” Greek Orthodox congregation in Seattle, St. Demetrios isn’t necessarily all that “old,” having just celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 2012. Designed by Paul Thiry, the church is a gorgeous fixture to the Montlake community with annual festivals and bazaars that celebrate the Greek community in Seattle.

As both parties got ready—Georgia at Pan Pacific Hotel and Gianni at a private residence—it became abundantly clear that these families were massive. Each party crammed into a tight space—both featured wine or some other form of alcohol—and got to looking their absolute best with a little help from just about everyone. Photos with the family were taken at both locations with the bride and her entourage stunning pedestrians as they walked down the street outside the hotel. Gianni looked dapper in a bow tie and navy blue jacket.

While the families filled the pews, the light streamed in through the stained glass windows to create a myriad of colors. The equally gorgeous interiors are a sight to behold thanks to its icon paintings and dazzling chandeliers. Once the church was filled, it was time to get the ceremony going. In keeping with tradition, there was no First Look as has become the new trend among younger generations, so the look on Gianni’s face as Georgia came walking down the aisle was completely, 100% genuine. Once the chanting started, the bride came strolling in as family and friends looked on from all directions. What followed was a traditional Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony. With all of its own rituals and symbolism, it’s a far cry from most weddings we get to see. So for us, it’s always a wonderful, humbling experience to witness a different culture’s own customs and we hope it is for you too!

With the vow-sealing kiss, the two were officially married. Stopping for hugs and handshakes back down the aisle, the newlyweds retreated to the back as they mingled with their bridal party before taking more photos inside the church. Since there was no First Look, we headed out to the church grounds to take some private photos with the newlyweds as they basked in the sun and glow of just being married. And then it was time for the reception!

Filling out the gigantic event space, and leaving special extra room for the traditional Greek dancing, the whole reception was beautiful melding of families, cultures, song and dance, and good spirits. There’s something about the dancing at Greek weddings that inspires the sense of togetherness—and we are always excited to come back for more!

We want to thank Georgia and Gianni for choosing Best Made Videos to film their wedding! We hope your first year as a married couple has gone superbly. Please comment below if you have any questions or recommendations!

– Scott Johnson

Venue – St. Demetrios

Photographer – Alante Photography

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