We had an even bigger site redesign!

Every wedding and video shoot has its own unique challenges and forces us to learn and re-adapt. Today’s post and lesson is, WE HAD AN EVEN BIGGER SITE REDESIGN!

Never being one to do anything small, I was so inspired by my recent small additions and changes to the website that I spent a good deal of time over the weekend retooling and reworking the entire site.  I went through and added new dynamic video banners for all of the main sections which I think will make my page stand out from some of the other competition in the area. It really pops when you first enter the main page, and the experience carries over as you browse the various portfolios of videos or even the contact / pricing pages.

I went through and reformatted some of the video portfolios, highlighting certain videos for both "corporate" and "weddings" and I also added some new forms on the contact page so I can get a better idea of where my new customers are finding me.  

The dynamic video banners only work on the desktop site however (due to making it more optimized for the mobile version) but customers browsing the site on their cell phones or tablets so have some great, vibrant images in place of the video banners that I hope will be appealing as well.

All of this is done in an attempt to appeal to new customers finding my site either through web searches or my profiles on WeddingWire or The Knot.  I want the first impression that customers have of my site to be a pleasant and memorable one, and I am confident the changes I have implemented (both large and small) with do exactly that! 

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