We had a small site redesign!

Every wedding and video shoot has its own unique challenges and forces us to learn and re-adapt. Today’s post and lesson is, WE HAD A SMALL SITE REDESIGN!

In an attempt to always stay current and visually appealing, I incorporate a small site redesign over at BMV.  I finally figured out a way how to create a video background on the landing page and I could not be happier with how it looks.  I used some recent footage from our beautiful Newcastle wedding and built a small video intro that welcomes all visitors to the site in a creative and fun way.

It certainly took a little bit of effort and a little but of "coding" which I know nothing about, but I think it enhances the site and adds to the professional yet playful attitude I show with the business.  

I also did a little revamping of the pricing sheet (adding some new images) as well as adding some direct links from the cover page to client specific areas - weddings, corporate, blog, contact, etc. to hopefully give users an easier time getting to the important areas of the site that they want to check out.

I spend a lot of my time going through other websites, either direct competitors or other industries all together, to see if there are any lessons I could learn and incorporate into my own site.  I always try to be self-critical but I really do enjoy the simple, straightforward look of my website.  I think it lets the videos shine, it's easy to maneuver, and it doesn't bog the client down with too many details which is tough especially when it comes to things like pricing lists.

I welcome any and all feedback in my attempts to continually improve.  I hope to attract more clients and give them the best experience possible when visiting

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