It's been a busy week!

Every wedding and video shoot has its own unique challenges and forces us to learn and re-adapt. Today’s post and lesson is, IT'S BEEN A BUSY WEEK!

With a few final edits, I've completed my 5th wedding video of the week, a multi-camera Indian wedding.  I know how to save the best for last right? lol

But seriously this week has been rewarding in so many ways, so many chances to be creative and such kind feedback from my clients.  I know not every week will end with a clean slate free of projects to work on but at least at this moment I can breath a little easy.  

My "week" actually began last Thursday night which seems like a year ago, sitting in traffic headed out to Sammamish, worried about getting to our location on time.  We were welcomed in with open arms to the couple's sisters house and backyard, where an intimate family engagement ceremony was taking place between the bride and groom.  Arriving 5 minutes before the ceremony was scheduled to begin, I was instantly thrust into work mode.  Thankfully Dorothy was there to help with equipment, picture taking and instragraming!  The family was so appreciate of our presence, practically leading us by the hand through their amazing Indian buffet as a sign of thanks.

Friday was another early morning over in Bellevue, working with the amazing Lazzat and her photography team.  The bride was loving and caring, even receiving a phone call from Kenya (an elder family member) as she was getting ready.  For them being a couple I had yet to meet prior to their wedding day, I felt an immediate connection to both of them and was so very grateful I could join along with them and capture their incredible day.  The day finished off with authentic singing and dancing as well as over an hour of toasts, with the elders in the family giving stories and advice for the newly wed couple moving forward in their marriage.

Saturday as I have already blogged about was my 4+ hour Cambodian wedding.  Not too much more to add except for the great note I received from the bride the following day, thanking me for enduring such a chaotic and action filled day.  She included how happy she was that I didn't starve to death, lol!

Sunday began with the previously mentioned Indian ceremony and concluded over in Woodinville with the (again previously mentioned) fantastically photogenic couple.  I seriously said out loud during our video shoot "I think I'm going to retire after this" because I can't possibly imagine encountering an easier to work with bride and groom ever again!  lol  

The best part of the week was getting to share their completed wedding video with them while they were still on their honeymoon, and the Facebook messages of joy and appreciation I received from Emily the bride.  That is ultimately why I do what I do and where I receive the most pleasure in my work.  It's knowing that my time and energy spent preserving their memories is appreciated and results in something that they can cherish forever.  I also believe that this is my strongest work to date and a wedding video I could not be more proud of.

I should mention that all 5 video edits were completed this week (in addition to 2 corporate shoots I had on Tuesday and Thursday) and I know that although I won't be able to match this feat most weeks due to other shoots and events I have to coordinate and attend, it is a goal I set for myself to have each couple's video ready for them to view on their honeymoon and I intend to do my best to stick to it!

Tomorrow we are back at it again, a Gig Harbor wedding on Saturday, up to Standwood on Sunday, and then I join an already in progress tour of investors from Los Angeles as they visit various space and technology businesses in the greater Seattle area on Monday and Tuesday.  Thanks to Reza for covering the Sunday portion of the tour in my place.  Looks like it's going to be another busy week again, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

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