You can't plan the weather!

Every wedding and video shoot has its own unique challenges and forces us to learn and re-adapt. Today’s post and lesson is, YOU CAN'T PLAN THE WEATHER!

We in Seattle only have a few select months any given year in which to try to plan a wedding on a date where we can reasonable hope for sun.  Late May through August and maybe early September is a small window with only a select few dates to choose from.  The truth is however, living in the Pacific Northwest we never really know what mother nature has in store and sadly trying to plan a wedding around the weather is simply a roll of the dice.

Look at last weekend, a beautiful sunny affair, however the fires burning in central Washington left a haze in the air, filtering the sun leading to some of the most beautiful photos and video I've seen from a wedding in recent memory.  You could never have planned or even "hoped" for it with the devastation the fires are causing to many of the local residents, but the amazing distilled light was just a weird coincidence that our couple could benefit from.

Fast forward to today as I write this blog, wind howling outside getting ready to head out to a wedding down in Ollala.  The Edgewater House (the venue for today) apparently sets up its ceremony with rows of white chairs facing Puget Sound ("get married on the beach in Seattle" or something similar is their slogan).  That's all right and good, except I will be very curious to see if the rain or wind allows for such a breathtaking scene.  I can't imagine the couple getting married could foresee a year ago that the weekend of August 29/30 (traditionally another hot and dry weekend) would see storms passing through that could possibly disrupt their amazing wedding plans.  I certainly hope and am quite sure that the venue has backup indoor plans in case of such unpleasant weather, but it will certainly not be an ideal situation for the newly weds.

Now maybe we will get lucky and the rain will hold out and we can get some amazing shots of the storm clouds, there's always the possibility of that.  Either way I will bring my sleeve of garbage bags (the best rain cover solution) and hope for the best as I head out on my next adventure.

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