Cherish Every Moment

Every wedding and video shoot has its own unique challenges and forces us to learn and re-adapt.  Today’s post and lesson for clients and professionals alike is, CHERISH EVERY MOMENT!

Last night I had the pleasure of capturing the wedding of a couple of our good friends.  What struck me (and always surprises me with weddings) is how quickly everything seems to go by.  

Our friends solidified their wedding date (August 8) what seems like an eternity ago. We keep a running calendar of all of our friend's weddings in our kitchen, so I've probably seen this date and had it in my mind daily for the last 9 months.  

Yesterday morning I packed up my gear as I always do, a headed toward's the first location of the day (the parents of the bride's house) to begin capturing her getting ready for her "big day."  What seemed like moments later, I found myself sitting at the reception alongside my fiance, getting ready to celebrate one final dance with them and send them on their way into marriage.

My point is this, so much thought and planning goes into getting everything ready for our wedding day, that I think sometimes it's important to take a few moments to just pause and appreciate everything once it finally arrives.  Whether it's pausing for a few moments to share a glass of champagne with your loved one after signing your marriage certificate, or it's a new tradition I've been seeing where the priest or officiant lets the couple take a few minutes to pause up at the altar in front of their family or friends, I advise all couples to try to slow down for a few moments to soak everything in.  And of course, hire a videographer so you can watch your wedding video again and again!  

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