It's all about the detail shots!

Every wedding and video shoot has its own unique challenges and forces us to learn and re-adapt.  Today’s post and lesson for clients and professionals alike is, IT'S ALL ABOUT DETAIL SHOTS! 

As a videographer, I love getting detail shots!  The shoes, dress, earrings, all those things that make up the perfect ensemble.  Maybe a new set of cufflinks that the groom received as a wedding gift?  Check!  A brand new watch?  Check!  Priceless bracelet?  You got it!

I actually plan to arrive early whenever possible so I have extra time to get footage of all of these special items before they are needed by the bride or groom.  I really think it adds to the overall presentation of the video and helps paint a complete picture of the day.

Most of the time this happens without the bride or groom even realizing it.  They're in the other room getting their make up done, or busy getting last minute touches on their hair.  You're doing "the photographer thing," but little do they know you're taking an extra few minutes out of the day to preserve these personal, individualized items that will remain in their memories for years to come.  

Think about it, you pay THOUSANDS of dollars for a wedding dress, I would want an that image in every freaking frame of video! (no really but sort of) lol.  And as I've said in my "getting ready blog" there's just something about the silent image of a dress floating in a window breeze that really gets my creative juices flowing.

If you're getting married, make sure you have your photographer arrive early enough to get all those detailed shots.  Also make sure you have all these items readily available at your disposal so they can arrive and seamlessly get to work.  If you're a professional, take a few minutes out of the day, track down the bride's shoes, find a fancy hanger to put the dress on and capture a few silent images.  Your client will thank you!

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