Hire vendors who know each other!

Every wedding and video shoot has its own unique challenges and forces us to learn and re-adapt.  Today’s post and lesson for clients and professionals alike is, HIRE VENDORS WHO KNOW EACH OTHER!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with a wedding planner who is going to be helping my fiance and myself plan our own wedding.  It was quite a surprise to me, that when we began listing all of the vendors we were planning to use thus far (DJ, Video, Photo Booth) she had worked with previously and had great positive experience with all of them!

As a wedding professional myself, it is such a reassuring experience to know the other vendors you are going to be interacting with throughout the day.  Even the wedding I'm shooting today has a photographer that I've had great experiences with in the past (Lazzat Photography).  Knowing that you can get along well and cooperate with the other vendors on site, really does add to the quality of the day, and in my opinion the overall finished product as well (photos, videos, etc). 

I've started working a lot with another wedding photographer team and we are hopefully going to try to start offering our services together for clients who also want to have a videographer cover their wedding.  We all know how to get along and most importantly, stay out of each other's ways!

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