Family Members are there to help!

Every wedding and video shoot has its own unique challenges and forces us to learn and re-adapt. Today’s post and lesson is, FAMILY MEMBERS ARE THERE TO HELP (if you utilize them!)

Waiting for our bride to refresh herself before afternoon photos is giving me a chance to reflect on our morning Cambodian wedding ceremony.

Having never tackled anything like this before, needless to say I was out of my element. The ceremony was broken up into three parts, each filled with its own rituals and symbols representing the unification of husband and wife. Trying to follow along proved to be very difficult.  A lot of the time the officiant is busy explaining the various customs to the family and friends there (albeit in their native language) so you don't always know what parts to record or what is coming next.

Luckily a couple of family members standing nearby me were more than happy to guide me along and keep my updated on what the officiant was saying. It proved invaluable it terms of me saving time and energy and made sure I got all the important details in an appropriate manner.

Sometimes family members have a tendency to get in the way or be distracting when it comes to covering a wedding (especially in a small venue such as a family's house). Today proved that not all situations are the same and that sometimes welcome surprises are there to great you!

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