Some things are meant to be!

Every wedding and video shoot has its own unique challenges and forces us to learn and re-adapt. Today’s post and lesson is, SOMETIMES THINGS ARE MEANT TO BE!

Last night's wedding was a culmination of a whirlwind weekend.  5 weddings (or wedding ceremonies) in 4 days, and although I didn't realize it until about a week ago, it all began over a year ago.

Last year when I was starting to build up the wedding side of Best Made Videos, I attended numerous wedding vendor open house's, where potential engaged clients can come and meet with all sorts of wedding vendors and decide if they would like to hire them for their weddings.  I didn't have much luck that day (most of these clients were interested in the dresses that were being sold at the event, a key draw to this particular show) and really didn't have much time or energy to meet with the other vendors (photographer, video, photo booth) that were also there.  I did however have a chance to meet a wonderful bride-to-be and her friend who were looking for a wedding dress/veil and very interested in wedding videography.  Ultimately they decided that video was out of their budget at the time and chose to purchase just a veil at the event.  I made an effort to approach her as she left for the day (always wanting to try to close a sale! lol) and followed up about her thoughts and feelings on everything related to her wedding.  I wished her best of luck and sent her on her way, presuming I would never see her again.

Months later after going back and forth with a client regarding super specific hours and pricing for their morning wedding ceremony, I was amazed to find that their festivities would end at 1pm and leave my evening free.  About a week later I got a request from a client, stating how important video was to them but sadly their budget had gotten way overblown and she was trying to find anyway that she could get a videographer to cover their wedding.  Already getting paid for 1/2 the day on Sunday (which also put me in the vicinity of their wedding in Woodinville), I reached out to her and let her know if she would cover the other 1/2 of my day rate, I would be more than happy to help her and her fiance out.  She was so relieved and I left the situation feeling satisfied as well.

It wasn't until about a week before the ceremony when Emily the client was going through all the various paperwork she had accumulated over the last year of wedding planning when she came across a brochure I had given her at the wedding vendor open house, SHE WAS THE SAME GIRL!  She shared the story with me out of joy, finding it amazing what a small world it truly is.

Last night (the night of their wedding) I have to say was a pure joy as a wedding videographer.  I have to say honestly that I have never had the chance to film a more naturally photogenic and easy to work with couple.  The timing all night could not be more perfect.  I was continually amazed how EVERY TIME, they seemed to react perfect on cue.  Tilt down from a beautiful tree to the happy couple, he leans in for a kiss.  Slider shot left to right, she lays her head down on his shoulder.  I could not believe it.  It just goes to show you never know who your next client is going to be, or when you find them, how perfect everything is going to work out.  I can't wait to share their video with you (hopefully later this week!) when I get it completed.

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