Foldz Kickstarter Video

Foldz - Money isn't simple but your wallet can be.

This was a fun video to work on.  Peter is a local small business owner himself who joined forces with Pillar Design (a local West Seattle business down the street from my house) to perfect his minimalist wallet invention, the Foldz wallet.  I always like working on crowdfunding / kickstarter videos because you are really helping someone else achieve their dream.  Although Peter is a successful businessman in his own right, he's always found himself tinkering with products and inventions trying to improve his everyday life.  His idea for the Foldz wallet came from him witnessing his buddy struggle with his thick, overstuffed wallet, very similar to George Constanza on Seinfeld.

After many years of product development and numerous amateur prototypes, he now has a finished, polished final working design. He's gone to Kickstarter to raise the final necessary funds to produce his wallet on a larger scale and test the market for interest.

I encourage you to check out his Kickstarter page and consider donating to his cause!

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