Recon Kickstarter Video

Recon Tripod Head Kickstarter Video

This is the most recent in a bunch of Kickstarter and crowdfunding videos I have worked on lately.  The Recon is a DSLR tripod head designed by the people over at Pillar Design, a local West Seattle design company. Although I've partnered with them lately to produce videos for some of their design clients, (the Foldz wallet was an example of this), I was very surprised when they called me up to film their own Kickstarter video.

It's really fun to work on videos like this because of the excitement of everybody involved.  They're obviously passionate about the project (having spent years sometimes working on perfecting it) and the excitement really carries over to the video.

I'm not sure when they are launching the project on Kickstater but I will keep my eyes posted and share the link when they do.  It's always good to support a local company, especially one that's right down the street from me in West Seattle!

*UPDATED - The Kickstarter campaign has gone live as of November 25, 2015

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