New toys are fun!

Every wedding and video shoot has its own unique challenges and forces us to learn and re-adapt. Today’s post and lesson, NEW TOYS ARE FUN!

Video production is an expensive hobby. It is an even more expensive business. Trying to stay cutting edge and ahead of your competitors is a challenging and sometimes cost prohibitive endeavor.

So you need to know where to spend your money. Do you spend money to upgrade something functional (albeit not too fun) like a tripod or battery set, or do you save up your money for a new slider system or 4k upgrade?

I always say BOTH, lol, but that's not always realistic.

My best advice would be to think about upgrades and expenses that could be utilized on a majority of the video shoots you plan to schedule. A new light kit sounds fun, but I rarely, if ever, set up lights for most of my wedding videos.

A tripod is something you're going to (most likely) use every day you go out to work if you're shooting video.

A few months ago I bought a slider, something I hoped would really help improve my video production. I had NO idea how much it would revolutionize my shooting experience on a daily basis. It's a little tough to maneuver (the weight combined with the new tripod that it required) but the amount of creativity it allows me on my weddings shoots cannot be overstated!  I immediately increased my prices for wedding packages because of the improved product I was able to provide my clients.

Overall I would say put your clients first when it comes to spending money on upgrades because in conclusion (and my NO duh moment) the more clients you have, the more money you can spend on all your new fun toys.

Next up for me? 4k baby. Stay tuned!

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