Party Favors!

Every wedding and video shoot has its own unique challenges and forces us to learn and re-adapt. Today’s post and lesson, HAVE FUN WITH YOUR PARTY FAVORS!

Wedding gifts and party favors is another way I've seen couples use lately to further customize their wedding experience.

I just met a lady yesterday who is getting married next month. She has been selecting and buying individual items for her bridal party's wedding gifts for over a year. As an older bride who has been planning her wedding for many years, she plans on using her bridal party gifts as a way to thank all her friends for their years of love and support.

Another trend I've seen lately is the bride giving her girlfriends a custom robe or t-shirt to wear while they get ready. Although this is a very generous idea and something I can see a lot of people getting behind, I would almost advise against it, just based cost vs. time the girls actually get to wear their special outfit.

By far the most unique wedding gift I've seen, is a couple back is July who had 60 or so wedding guests and gave each of them an individualized Lego figurine. When they told me about their plans at our initial meeting I was intrigued, when I actually saw the 60 figurines in all their glory I was amazed. I thought it was such a touching and thoughtful gift, and something that honestly didn't cost that much money ($2-$3 per item estimated). Their wedding guests totally got a kick out of it, and honestly I have to believe that it is something that will sit in a place of importance in all of their homes for years to come. The only hiccup came when the bride was still helping put together the figurine display less than 45 minutes before her ceremony! (With no hair and makeup done, lol)

In general, and this might be a no DUH moment, I would always favor a smaller more intimate gift or favor for your wedding guests or party. Something that represents you as a couple and something that requires a little more effort than just a random swag bag.

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