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Every year Space Angels Network members converge upon a major aerospace hub for a unique, first-hand look inside the emerging private space industry.

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This was a fantastically interesting project that I've gotten to work on the last few weeks and I'm so proud to finally be able to share it with everyone!  I was approached by a group of "angel" investors from LA about a month ago.  They informed me that they would be coming to the Seattle area to tour a bunch of tech and aerospace companies in the region to hear presentations from them to decide whether or not they wanted to invest.  They wanted to hire a videographer to come along to take pictures and shoot a highlight video of their adventures.

This adventure found be riding shotgun in a tour bus for 2.5 days with a group of extremely successful and intelligent individuals.  We traveled all over the region from Everett to Tukwila and the Eastside, touring various businesses and locations (from the Space Needle to the Museum of Flight) engaging in some very eye opening conversations about the future of space exploration and even listening to talks from some of the major players from the past history of NASA.

We even received a tour on the NASA trainer shuttle at the Museum of Flight by a real life astronaut, Greg Johnson.  Listening to his words explaining where he slept, where he ate, all while looking at the actual module he trained in was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that was certainly not lost by any of the attendees.  

It was fair to say that everybody involved as a participant of this tour was a "space junkie,"  I couldn't be further from that.  In talking with these people over the course of a couple of days it was really amazing for me to discover an entire world that obviously I had thought about before, (I know a little about the space program) but had never really spent any great time learning about.  It's a benefit of working in news or in this case video production, where you can (from time to time) step into another world, become totally immersed in in for a week or so while working on the project, and most likely never tackle it in as great of depth again.  It allows me (or lots of new videographers and reporters) to know a little bit about a lot of things.  To take a deep dive into some crazy worlds or cultures or groups from time to time that you would never experience any other way.  

Who would have thought 6 months ago, I'd be sitting in a room listening to Charles Simonyi (a billionaire and 2x space tourist) talk about his past experiences with the space program, or be standing on the observation deck of the Space Needle, rubbing shoulders with some very elite company?  I certainly didn't foresee that, but that sort of experience keeps me excited and keeps me thirsty for more, bring it on!

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