White Wedding Video

White Wedding on 9/6/15 on Capitol Hill in Seattle, Wa

Music licensed from -
The Music Bed - themusicbed.com

"Reid did an amazing job filming our wedding and creating a lovely wedding video. He made a point of communicating with me pre and post wedding, which I appreciated. He's talented, fun, and laid back in his approach. He will only add to your big day!"

This was a really fun and unique video for me to tackle. Unlike most of my recent wedding videos (which tend to take place at remote locations like a beach or mountain resort) the venue for this wedding ceremony was smack dab in the middle of Capitol Hill off Broadway in Seattle. I decided that I would use the "sights and sounds" as I always do, although instead of the water cresting on the shore or a mountain wind passing through trees, the sounds I captured were cars, pedestrians, even a street performing singing a song and laughing with her dog. I knew it was a bit of a gamble to take the video in such a direction, but I hoped the easy going nature of the couple combined with the fact that they wanted a true "Seattle" wedding and this would be a "Seattle" wedding video, would mean that my choice in editing creativity would be well received.

I found a fantastic song on Music Bed, "Pretty Face" by the band PUBLIC, a fast-paced punky like rock song that I thought really complimented the slightly off the wall editing choice of the video. The fast beats and somewhat strange lyrics allowed for some unique editing decisions - multiple flash frames, rewinds of video, and even overlapping shots with other mirrored or backwards shots. I really went to town in terms of throwing everything I could think of at the video, and I'll tell you what, I'm really proud of how it turned out.

To me this video is the definition of what I do as a wedding videographer and how I try to help myself stand apart. I really don't think there's another videographer in the market, who would capture sounds of a street performer and weave them into a wedding video, or even imagine that it would be ok to do, lol. I really try to add creativity and passion to everything that I do and I really hope my couple's enjoy it. I give my heart and soul into every wedding edit, living and breathing with the couple on video for the 24-48 or 72 hours I spend on it. It really is an emotional taxing experience and one that leaves me with a product I can truly stand behind at the end!

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