Favorite Wedding Vows 2018 Part 3

By Scott Johnson

Welcome back to the FINAL installment of our Favorites of 2018 Countdown. We are capping off Favorite Wedding Vows today, and you better bet your tookus that we saved the best for last! So no more wasting time, let’s bid 2018 a fond farewell!

Milner Wedding

The Finery on Camano Island is rather aptly named, and was a splendid venue for the Milner wedding. The intimate, private ceremony for Laura and James came along with handwritten vows that they recited without tons of people around.

We loved James’ vows, beginning with, “Laura, I knew from the first time that I met my match, I just didn’t know that I met my future partner in life.” Already tickling the heart strings, “I will be there to weep with you in heartache, and celebrate life with you in joy. From this moment forward, you will never walk alone, for I will walk with your through all things.” There’s even more to it, but you have to listen for yourself!

Wurtz Wedding

The Ballard Locks was such an awesome place to spend the day for the Wurtz wedding. Jazmyn and Josh met for their big day underneath a balloon in a little clearing near the water. Going first, Josh came prepared with the promises and the love, “I promise to listen for as long as it takes for you to feel heard. I promise to be that crazy cat couple no matter what anyone says. I promise to be your unrelenting cheer squad on days it feels too much” That barely even cuts it for the promises, but we have to hear what Jazmyn said!  

Offering up tissues, the officiant had a feeling Jasmyn’s vows would bring the emotion, “Looking back in the rear view is astonishing to this day and an awe-inspiring thing. Our beginning may have started years ago for our undying and unconditional love to one another.” The officiant was right!

Wolff/DeChant Wedding

Trinity Tree Farm, come rain or shine, is truly great. It’s quaint, intimate and feels shockingly like home. Anna and Sebastian tied the knot here in April, and their ceremony was just so perfect.

Anna’s vows brought out the emotion early, with lines like, “I also promise not to get you up before 8am, unless I have espresso, so can wake up ready for the daily grind. I can’t wait to begin our life together, and to build a home.”

Sebastian fired back with some humdingers that will surely wet your eyes, “You are my grounding and my light, you inspire me and motivate me, and you continually brighten my life with your presence.” If that wasn’t enough, go ahead and watch for yourself!

Van Cise Wedding

Another visit to Trinity Tree Farm, this time for the Van Cise wedding, gave us a legendary set of vows on a beautiful sunny day.

Taylor, with a booming, confident voice declares, “Today, I stand before you asking only for your trust and your guidance. At this moment there’s nothing more I could ask from you in our relationship than what you’ve already granted me to this point.” If you aren’t even a little misty eyed, I will be surprised because he just keeps on going!

Angelina, emotional just as all of us are, comes back with “I remember all the times I have told you that you are my life raft. And how you’ve saved me countless times over the years,” I’m going to stop this one here because you really need to hear the rest. Notice all the eyes being wiped!

Foster Wedding

A beautiful day down at the Washington Athletic Club saw the union of Kristi and Cory Foster. A regal ceremony, a bashful groom and pure bliss made this an unforgettable day as is, but the vows come with so much emotion that we just can’t help but love it all the more.

Cory is our main focus here as he makes everyone laugh before even starting his vows. Ecstatic as can be, he begins, “Kristi, I have walked many miles on this Earth in hopes that one day I’d find you. It’s incredible to me that we grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same schools, same orthodontist, same summer camp. You come from where I come from, all the way down to our ingredients; we are made of the same stuff.”

I would have to say that Cory should be offering up his vow-writing services to those in need; he’s superb!

McGee Wedding

The excellent Sentinel Hotel in Portland provided a classy, sophisticated environment for a day full of love and spirituality. Allie and Greg looked excellent standing up at the altar, surrounded by their family and friends, as they began a series of pitch-perfect vows for one another.

Kicking things off, Allie gets really specific, “I have waited 1,310 days to become your wife. Now that this moment is here, I am filled with more love, devotion and commitment than I thought possible. You are my everything. You are the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

Greg fired back with some equally as heartwarming lines, such as, “Growing with you over the years has been an incredible journey. When we met, I found my best friend and it didn’t take long to realize I had found a great love.” Most importantly, he says, “I love how we can be together and find at any time a way to laugh with each other in a way we couldn’t with anyone else.” That’s love there!

Cochran Wedding

Our final wedding in the countdown took us close to home at the Overlake Country Club. Mary and Dan were eager to get hitched, and their tented ceremony was a wonderful celebration of their love. Getting right to the heart of the matter, Dan begins declaratively with, “My dearly beloved, I can honestly say you taught me the true meaning of love…”

Pulling out all the stops, Mary comes back with, “Thank you for all you’ve done to make today a dream come true for me. This is my dream and you are my dream. You know I am not the best with words, but when comes to expressing how I feel about you it seems to be really easy,..” Talk about tear jerkers, huh? Watch the full video and bring an extra box of tissues!


There you have it, folks! Our Favorite Wedding Vows of 2018 and officially our last countdown of the year! As we are already into 2019, we hope your New Year's celebrations went well and safe! We look forward to bringing you more weddings, news and more year, so stay tuned! Thank you to all of our readers!

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