Oluoch Wedding Video

by Scott Johnson

Oluoch Wedding on 6/1/19 at Lake Wilderness in Maple Valley, Wa

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Welcome back, everyone, for another great wedding! A ways southeast of Seattle lies Maple Valley, a quaint little town that you’ll likely pass through on your way to Mt. Rainier National Park. Nestled right along side the city is a lake that promises a little more of the wild-side than you’re likely to get: Lake Wilderness. Offering up a selection of spaces and rooms out of their Lodge, the Parks and Rec department lets you rent directly from them for your big wedding day. Sorry, no Ron Swansons here.

The Oluochs picked the first day of June for their big wedding bash. With a touch of grey in the sky, the sweltering heat would later burn away those clouds for a toasty wedding service that you need to see to believe. Getting ready early in the morning, we knew we were going to have some popping visuals as evidence by the beautiful red bridesmaids dresses hung amongst the greenery.

As the bride and groom got ready, the sheer size of the family became apparent. Some last minute preparations for the day saw the boys doing a little ironing and some research into proper pocket square folding (more on that at the end of the video!) Eventually, looking dapper and sleek, the boys took some time to do some wacky poses together. Not everyone was ready to party, as the younger one were feeling a little tuckered out!

Before long, it was time for the ladies to get the party started. Singing and dancing at their home, they led the bride out to a stretch limo on a walkway of rugs. They could hardly even wait for the wedding before wanting to celebrate!

Nestled up against the lake, the ceremony area looked wonderful with mixtures of snow white chairs and the rich red of the dresses and matching decorations. With an army of a bridal party, the bride and groom stood ready to be married. After some beautiful words by the officiant, a blessing from their loved ones, and the magical first kiss as husband and wife, they were officially married!

Of course, this caused even more dancing. The bridal party immediately started shaking it as they made their way back down the aisle. There was some time for family photos in the forested parts of the lake, and eventually they returned to the lodge where people were already dancing! We love this type of energy, but that meant it was certainly time for food, which there was plenty of!

And wouldn’t you know it, there was more dancing to come after dinner. With the enormous glass windows flooding the room with light, it was such a wonderful sight to see everyone busting a movie, celebrating the beauty of marriage.

Thank you again to Meg and Phelix for choosing Best Made Videos® to film their wedding! We had an absolute blast. Here’s to your first month of being a married couple!

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Venue – Lake Wilderness Lodge

Photography – Events by Heather and Ryan

Videography – Best Made Videos®

How did you guys meet?

At school, University of Texas at San Antonio

Tell us about the proposal!

Special private moment at home followed by special restaurant dinner

Why did you choose your venue?

Great outdoor and indoor amenities, ample space, private lodge location, good price.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

The intimate moments shared throughout the day